Sunday, November 15, 2015

Try to Love Yourself

Hi everyone...
My post for today is just a random rambling of my thoughts..
This post is inspired by the song Try from Colbie Caillat..

Most girls never satisfied by their appearance, their body, etc..
We always have so many insecurities, 
So, we try what we can do to make us become more attractive.

This song said that you don't have to do things other people's do to make them like you.
But indeed, the person that you tried so hard to liking you is yourself..
Do you like how you look without make up?
Do you feel beautiful without make up?
For generally girls think that they're ugly with no make up.
Not that i hate make up, i like make up if you can't say that i post a lot about beauty things.

My point here is to embrace yourself.

Don't feel ugly when you have no make up on.
You are you. Make up is just an add-on.
That you are still you, with or without it.
Don't being controlled by make up, you're the boss.

And another point is, 
no matter how good you are
there's always be somebody who doesn't like you.
And when you're making mistakes and you think that everybody in this world hating you,
there's always be someone who loves you.

I think that's it for this post..
See you again next time..
Bye.. =)


  1. oh i love Try!!
    thanks for this inspiring post dear :)

    JESSIE | Beauty Appetite

    1. Yes, that song is really meaningful.. :)
      Thank you for stopping by.. :)