Thursday, July 21, 2016

June 2016 Empties

Hi everyone..!!
Today i will share some products that i already finished last month..
Here they are...

 1. Nivea Soft
In my opinion this is a good moisturizer, and also very versatile..
I use this as face moisturizer, and it didn't break me out..
It is a good product, but somehow it doesn't make me super impressed...
Repurchase? I guess not..

2. Garnier Light Complete Foam
I love this facial foam..
But i already use this varian for too long and i think my skin needs a change..
Repurchase? No.

3. Ella Noir Body Douche
I love the smell..and the color..
It's shimmering pink.
Repurchase? No. Except it's on sale again.. *cheapskate

4. Mustika Ratu 2 in 1 Face Cleanser
My holy grail face cleanser..
Repurchase? Absolutely YES..

5. L'Oreal Nutri Gloss Shine Shampoo
I really love the hair mask in this varian, which is already discontinued..
The shampoo is quite nice, i can feel my hair becomes smoother..
After use this quite a while, it also make my hair shine..
But..if i also got dandruff if i use this too often..
The solution is by have another shampoo and alternate between them..
So, repurchase? Maybe.

6. Dove Powder Soft Anti-Perspirant Deodorant
I like the smell..
It smell like baby powder..
Repurchase? Well, not at the moment..

7. Clean & Clear Active Clear Speed Clearing Acne Gel
Well, i use this 24/7..
 This is a must in my skincare routine..
Usually when i get baby acne i just put this on, and it will disappear the next day..
Repurchase? Of course..

8. Garnier Multi Action Whitening Cream SPF 20/PA+++
It is a good product, but somehow it isn't catch my heart..
It didn't break me out..but it don't "wow" me..
Repurchase? No.

Well, that's my empties from last month..
See you later..

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