Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas giveaway by Josephine

hi everyone....
today i will post about a christmas giveaway from
the owner of this blog is Josephine, she usually post nail arts, beauty review, etc..
and she's really cuteeeee...
just see by yourself at this picture below..

she looks really cute..

and there will be 2 winners on this giveaway... =)
one will get the bag with beauty stuff inside... 
*actually for me.. this is the interesting fact.. *
*she doesn't say the content of that bag.. it's a SURPRISE.. yay!!*
and the other one will get 2 books, they are Looking for Alaska and Incarceron..
 i never read those 2 books.. but they do look attractive for me..
yes i am a bookworm who judge a book by it's cover...
i mean the front cover and the back cover, which is contain the synopsis of the story..

so, are you want to enter this giveaway too??
simply just click here.. and I wish good luck for both of us ..!!

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