Sunday, December 29, 2013

Looxchallenge - Tim Burton character

hi everyone..
as you can see from the title above.. i did a make up look for looxchallenge for this month..
the theme for this month  is Tim Burton character..
and i ends up choose Emily from Corpse Bride

here's Emily's picture...

and.. this is my *i hope it looks like* Emily's look...

well... i think i still need to practice more...
see you in my next post... =)


  1. Hi :)
    your look is very cute and the accessory are perfecting match with corpse bride.
    but i think your look would be perfect if you would make up yourself a little bit more scary/ corpse alike.

    1. thank you for stopping by.. =)
      yess.. i need to practice more.. =)

  2. you look too cute to be a corpse heheheheh..
    i love emily!!! <3